Design Inspiration: In Progress (Plus New Cards!)

This Christmas season is FLYNG by! But it may be that it already feels like Christmas has come and gone (even though it hasn't).

I started working on my Christmas card line in September, and that meant listening to Christmas carols and all around getting into the Christmas mood. So it's been a few months, and I can say that I do eventually get tired of hearing those songs over and over ;)

Then, we celebrated with my side of the family this past weekend and so it already seems like we're done! I'm still looking forward to Christmas day, but it will be the first year we are traveling for the actual holiday, and it feels different.

Since we already had one celebration, that means I already got some gifts! Yay for art supplies! I shared Saturday's haul on instagram, and one of the gifts I was most excited for was In Progress by Jessica Hische!

I've had it on my wish list since it was on pre-order, and my sister got it for me. To say it's inspiring seems like a disservice! That lady is so ridiculously talented, it makes me want to cry ;) but she also works so, so hard! It's very encouraging to see how far someone can get with a whole lot of hard work.

Aside from some great technical info and a step by step of Jessica's work-flow, there are a ton of beautiful pictures of art and advertising work. Some of them were ones I had seen, but didn't know she had done!

I definitely recommend it to any other letterers or designers out there. Even though the type of work we do is a little different (I'm not a freelancer), it helped me realize where some of the holes are in my own process!

But even if you're not a designer, it's still nice to have a book around that's filled with great examples of beautiful type! You can find it here on Amazon.

In other news, I rolled out some new (and one re-vamped) designs at the Hip Holiday Craft Market a couple weeks ago, and I will be listing them in the shop after the new year! I'm super excited about these, and I have a feeling the bacon one will be a good seller for Valentine's day ;)

Well, that's all of my exciting news for around here. I hope you all have very happy and safe holiday weekend, and spend lots of time with loved ones! Thanks for stopping by!

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