The Sweetest Little Puppies!

I have some fun news for you all today! A few weeks ago, my little Lemon Bean became a mommy!

She had two little sweet baby girls, who I've nicknamed Apricot and Blackberry :) But mostly I call them both fatty, haha! (Even though Blackberry is WAY bigger than Apricot. She's outgrown her like crazy!) They're little schnoodles, with a bit more emphasis on the poodle than schnauzer, since Lemon is half and half, but their daddy is a purebred toy poodle!

Then last week I was lucky enough to get a visit from my friend Toni. She flew in from Idaho to see me and while she was here we had a little fun!

She's an amazing photographer with a lot of experience photographing newborns and babies (go check out her blog to see!), so we decided to have a little puppy photoshoot! Prepare for picture (and cuteness!) overload...

They turned out so adorable, it's almost a little ridiculous. I just want to squeeze their little chubby faces so hard when I look at these!

She also helped me get some much needed decorating done in my house. Toni's a real go-getter, so she's great motivation for me haha. Now my house is cozy and all decked out for Christmas, and I'll be sharing that later this week :)

How's your Christmas prep going? Are the halls decked and carols playing in the background like it is here, or have you been putting it off? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!

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