Afternoon Sessions Vol. 8: On My Plate

Does it seem weird to anyone else that it's already half way through February?

2016 seems to be smoothly sailing on by, and my plate is about as full as ever.

Things haven't been too hectic lately, but that doesn't mean that my perpetual to-do list is has gone away. Soon, it will be time to shift into gear and focus on the next remodel phase of the house! One of these days, I'll try to share some progress shots of where things are.

I've been working more lately, and I'm also feeling the itch to start working on some new card and art print designs. I'm horrible about starting pieces and then not finishing, or coming up with ideas and then never making them. It's been a while since I've even picked up a brush or pencil, so I need to get back on it!

The problem is when I get busy with other things, and I start to focus to much on the mountain of things I need to get done. All it does is overwhelm me, and I throw in the towel before I even get started. I still haven't bought myself a new planner for the year, and I do so much better when I can list things out and focus on the baby steps instead of the whole picture. 

Either way, things will be getting crazy shortly, and I don't want my blog or shop to get put on the back burner too much!

Eating: The title of this post was both figurative and literal! I've been trying to eat better lately, and I've really been all over the board. This week I started a food journal, and I hope it helps. I'm trying to focus on veggies, and one of my favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner/anytime meals is eggs with Brussels sprouts and potatoes! I just wing it, but it's based on this recipe. If you're looking for a healthy winter, comfort food-y meal, I recommend this!

Drinking: Water and coffee, as per usual. I went a couple weeks without my coffee grinder, so I tried to switch to a Jasmine tea, but as much as I enjoy it, it can't replace my coffee for good.

Listening: To a lot of BORNS. That guy is good. I don't dig his hair, but "Electric Love" is just plain awesome (particularly the acoustic version!). And last Monday I surprised Dane with tickets to go see Bela Fleck and his wife Abigail Washburn, who are both insanely talented banjo players and singers! It was a lot of fun, and I discovered it's very easy for me to let my mind wander to a good, long banjo tune. Seriously! It might be time to make myself a new playlist.

Loving: My new house plants! I shared a picture of my new fiddle leaf fig on Instagram a couple weeks ago, and I'm so happy I finally bit the bullet and bought one. There's a reason they're so popular, they're beautiful! I'm planning on doing a post about them soon, along with some other plants that are on my list.

Focusing: On being more active. My sister has been coming over and we've been taking walks sometimes in the afternoons. I've been up and down the last few years with my fitness, ranging from awesome shape, to total couch potato. I'm trying to get back into it, and I'm hoping to start running again soon. Just in time for spring!

That's how my afternoons have been lately. What about you? Have you been up to anything exciting? Let me know! And thanks for stopping by.

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Thanks for stopping by!

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