Too Long....

I can't believe I let myself go almost a year without posting anything! Having a blog was supposed to give me an outlet for my writing, and hopefully help bring back my passion for it. Obviously that did not happen! Oh well, I suppose the occasional post is better than nothing at all, so I will try to be better about it from here on out.

So much has changed in my life in this past year, some things good and others bad. I lost my brother in January and it was definitely the hardest thing I've ever gone through. But time heals all things and I received a lot of peace with it. Earlier this spring I got a puppy. He is a heeler/border collie mix, his name is Handsome, and he drives me absolutely nuts!  But I sill love him and I know he's only going to get better as he gets older. Most recently I've gotten a job, after almost four years of being just a stay at home wife. I work part time as a hostess at a local restaurant and it isn't much, but I enjoy the business it has brought into my life.

Today I am feeling the pressure though, because today my absolute best friend Kayla is coming to see me for the weekend! I am so excited, and I should be cleaning my house even as I write this. I saw her in June but it already seems like forever, so I can't wait until she gets in! Then tomorrow we are going with a group of girlfriends to see Fun. at the Britt Festival! It is this amazing little outdoor amphitheater that hosts tons of great musical acts all summer long, and this is my third year going. I'm so addicted to it, I don't think I could let a year go by without going at least once! 

Also, somewhat unrelated, I got my hair done yesterday. Who doesn't enjoy doing that? I always wanted to get highlights, since I was just a little pre-teen, so I went for it earlier this summer. Last night I went back to get my roots done, and have my bangs cut. That's another thing I have always wanted and after having them for a while last fall, then growing them out, I've decided I love them too much not to have them! The highlights, however, won't probably be around for more than a couple/few more months though. The (dear) husband prefers me as a brunette, so while the highlights have been fun for the summer, I will be going back dark in the fall.

This is how my life is going this week, and I have a long, busy, fun filled weekend ahead of me! I will try not to let myself slack so much, and hopefully I will have lots of interesting new stuff to post next week! Until next time...

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