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Thursday, June 04, 2015

I am a self proclaimed procrastinator, and I've mentioned this before. And anyone who knows me irl just rolled their eyes and said, " well, duh."

But I have too much on my plate these days, and too many things I want to do, so I am declaring a summer of NO VERY LITTLE procrastination!

Beginning with this lovely little blog of mine. She's seen a lot of theme changes over the years, and a few name changes too (maybe I should do a contest and see if anyone can remember the original name??), but I just have not been crazy about the look it's been sporting lately.

Starting with my logo, I'm working one a bit of a re-branding of my whole, well, brand. There are a few things about it I like, but there are some things that I'm like, "uhhhh, what was I thinking?"

So this space will be getting a face lift, and I've already started preliminary sketches for my new logo. I LOVE pretty things (which should be obvious, because it's in my tag line for Pete's sake!) and my logo just isn't making the cut.

Messy sketches, bad iphone photo!

So, without putting it off, I will be getting to work on sprucing things up, and also adding some of the pile of new designs I have to the shop!

All the while re-modeling my house, finishing my glamper, and having an all-round, awesome, rad summer! Haha!

But also, disclaimer: re-designing a blog is super hard, especially when you know so little about html and css and all of that techy mumbo jumbo. So, while I won't be procrastinating, it still may take a while for me to finish, and if you stop by and see that things are under construction or all out of wack, please bear with me!

Happy Thursday everyone, thanks for stopping by!

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