Bridal Shower Invitations: Raechel's Italian Shower!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I just recently remembered another invitation project I got the privilege of designing a couple of months ago, and I had intended on sharing them sooner!

Better late than never though, I always say ;)

These were a fun one for me, in part because they were such a challenge!

My friend Amber contacted me to design these invites for her best friend's bridal shower, and since it was at a pizzeria, she wanted the theme to be Italian. I'll be honest, when I think of Italian, I don't think of bridal shower, but she was picturing a cute little bistro with red checkered table clothes, and so I went from there!

After some Pinterest searches for inspiration, I felt like I got it nailed down, and I was very happy with how they turned out!

Sometimes it's nice to get outside of your comfort zone once in a while!

I really like when an invitation has an interesting background, whether it's a color, print, or pattern, so I wanted to incorporate the red checkers all the way onto the back. It's just a nice point of interest that can give an invite that little extra something!

These were a fun one for me, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other kinds of requests I might get to push me a little bit.

Do you ever get satisfaction from a project that took you out of your comfort zone? Or is it just me? Let me know! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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