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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alright folks, it's done! Probably for the last time too. My blog name has changed. What was formerly Think-Sos, Thoughts, and  Other Things will now be known as Fabulously Ordinary!

Like I said before, I was never in love with my last title. It just never really did it for me. My thought at the time was that I wanted my blog to reflect all of those things. Just random stuff I think about, things I want to do, and how I feel about life in general. Those are still things I want to have here, but I want more. I want  this space to reflect how ordinary and normal my life is, but how fabulous it can be too! 

I want to experience all of the simple and fantastic moments my life has, and to share them with you. I have a lot of projects and goals that I hope to achieve, and I feel like this is the perfect place to showcase them. Not to say that I am extremely talented or special in any way though, because I'm not. I live in a small town, I watch too much t.v., and I always let the dishes pile up. I love my husband, my family, and my friends. I can't always afford the nicest things, I worry a lot about my health/weight, and my hair always clogs the drain! 

I think this will be a really fun journey, because it really is all of the ordinary in my life that makes it so fabulous. We are all just human, going through most of the same things, and it's nice to step back and realize that some of those normal things are what makes life so great! So thanks for sticking around through this transition, and I hope you enjoy watching as I try to figure out more of this whole blogging business! 

Now, I'm off to watch one of my most favorite shows on television, Downton Abbey! Have a great night everyone! :)

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