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Sunday, June 09, 2013

I'm baaaack....

But for reals, I'm sorry everybody! Things have just been crazy around here, and it has been weeks (!) since I've been around!

A few weeks ago, I started working a lot of hours, and it just zapped me completely. I was so wore out in the evening, that all I felt like doing was sitting in front of my netflix! Then I got sick. So that bogged me down even more. Then I had to get ready for a camping trip, and my family came to town! So, obviously, the last month or so has been absolutely crazy!

And not only have I been a terrible blogger in terms of writing...but I also didn't take hardly any pictures of all of the fun things I've been doing!

I went on a camping trip.

It was Dane's twenty-eighth birthday!

I went to the coast with my family.

I've had a few of my sisters staying with me for a couple of weeks!

And I have no pictures......

Well, mostly no pictures. The other day, we did go swimming in the most beautiful river, and I was smart enough to bring my camera for that!

Still, though. Bad blogger! Bad!

Anyways, I've missed this little space of mine, and I'm happy to be back! I hope I won't be missing quite as much around here lately, since I'm pretty much on summer break. And here are a few of those pictures that I took from our river jaunt last Friday.

Sandy toes

My sissies

The clearest river


Reading  Nothing much lately. I kind of forgot about Gatsby, then we went and saw the movie anyway! I may still finish it though, we'll see. 
Writing  Well, obviously nothing! Hopefully I'll be better about that from now on.
Listening  To the quiet. My sisters are out at the moment, and Dane just went to bed. I'm writing this way too late, and bed is where I'm headed next.
Thinking  About how tired I am, and all of the stuff I'm going to do this week. I've got another pretty busy week ahead!
Smelling  Summer air. I've got the windows opened up, and the ceiling fans on.
Wishing  That I had thought to write this out earlier in the day! It's getting late, and The Office is calling my name, ha!
Hoping  To stick to my healthy eating this week. I'll fill you in on why pretty soon! Plus, I've got an update on my eating/work out plan as well!
Loving  Summer time! Technically it isn't even summer yet, but it feels like it around here. I've already gotten in camping, swimming, the beach, and lots of volley ball!
Wanting  To get all caught up on blogging stuff this week. Ads, emails, comments, and new posts! Pretty much everything I've been neglecting lately.
Needing  To wrap this up and go hit the hay!
Feeling  Pretty good! Sun burnt, but good.
Clicking  Not a lot, but I did just read this interesting article about growing up as trust fund baby. Then, of course, I've been keeping up with The Daily Tay

Happy to be linking up with the fabulous Lauren again!

Also, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all of my new followers from the bloglovin' hop! I'm so excited to have you all here, and I will be getting back to you're comments soon! Thanks so, so much for following along!

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  1. good luck with sticking to your healthy eating this week - i need to do that myself! we got this :)


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