Introducing: Our (Hopefully!) Forever Home

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Well, it's been a looong minute since I was here last, but I'm back today with an exciting update! We bought another house, and it's been the biggest house project we've taken on so far, but so far it's worth it. Allow me to introduce you  to what I lovingly (and jokingly) refer to as The Palace

The last time I posted, we were in the middle of our house hunting process, and while at the time it seemed like we were looking forever, it was actually only a serious hunt for a little under a month.

To some people who look at houses for months before finding one, that seems laughable (or makes you want to smack me), but I had been wanting to buy something for several months before and I let it get to me more than I should have. Sometimes patience isn't my strongest suit!

Anyway, we had been looking for several weeks, and we opted to use an mls search and Zillow ourselves and call up listing agents for showings instead of working with a real estate agent. And the housing market in our area is super competitive and expensive right now for buyers, and it seemed like half of the valley was also looking to buy in our price range! So I felt like I was on the computer constantly, and we were driving around scoping out houses whenever we got the chance.

If a house even remotely decent came on the market, it was snatched up within days, and sometimes only one! We put in an offer on a house that we saw on the day it listed, and we were one of 11, and we didn't get it. And Dane didn't actually get to see it in person, he had to trust me and his dad when we told him it was a good deal!

After several weeks of this, I woke up one morning to find this tiny little house that I knew would need tons of work (but in our budget, that was pretty much everything), but this one had acreage. Dane has always wanted to live outside of town, with some property where we could have some space and raise some animals. Everything was just so expensive though, we had decided we would probably have to flip at least one more house in town to be able to afford it. So when this house came up, the price was too good, and I knew there was a chance it would need too much work, like most of the rural properties we had looked at (and it did, but more on that later).

I almost scared Dane away from it when I told him about it, because I said it looked so bad, ha! But We went ahead and scheduled a showing with the listing agent for that same day. And it was like a frenzy! It's on a semi-busy-ish road, and I saw so many people slow down, stop and take the phone number of the agent, and someone even stopped after our showing to tell us he was submitting an offer that night! (I think he was trying to scare us off).

But we loved the potential of the place. It had a large shop and another outbuilding for an office/guest house. It had just the right amount of property. The house was the right size, and it just hit almost everything on our list. So we immediately went to Dane's parents' house to talk to them about it, and his dad and I came back and looked at it again the next morning. We made an offer the day after it listed on the market, and even though it had two pending offers already, the owners accepted ours that night!

We almost couldn't believe it, and it was so exciting! We said after selling our last house that we would love to find something that needed more work if it meant we could stay in it and not have to flip again, but we didn't think we would actually be able to do it so soon. So now we are living in a 5th wheel trailer on the property and remodeling our house that we will hopefully be staying in for many, many years to come!

Since this has ended up being so much more wordy than I intended, I'll go ahead and stop there, but I'll be back soon with more progress pictures. And there are a lot, because things got very intense very fast, and plans had to change accordingly. We knew going in that since the original part of the house was built in the 40s, with an addition in the 60s, that there would be a lot of potential problems, and lucky us, we found almost every one in the book! What was supposed to be your run of the mill, total gut job, turned into quite a bit more, but we still feel really good about choosing it. And for Dane to not regret it after all of the work he's done so far, I know we really found something special :) I mean, just look at this view!

Thanks for stopping by, and I promise I'll be back soon to finish bringing you up to date on where we're at in the process, and maybe even some inspiration for what we're planning on doing! Happy Wednesday!

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