The Forever Cottage: Where We Started

Thursday, June 15, 2017

In my last update on our new home, I shared some of the exterior photos of the house and the surrounding property. Today I thought I'd share the interior before pictures, fresh from when we first looked at it. As a warning, these pictures are very raw and not pretty at all. This is what a screaming real estate deal looks like in our area!

Entering the house, you walk into the dining room and kitchen from the front door, which is so British. Check out Escape to the Country on Netflix if you don't know what I'm referring to, haha!

Off of that is the spare room and laundry, which at one point were separate rooms but had been opened up into one. We knew that we would be putting that wall back up and separating the two.

Through the kitchen was a big selling point, and that was the large living room. Large for the house anyway, and large enough to have friends and family over. It also had nice big windows with a great view of the back property! Obviously, when I took these, the owners still hadn't removed all of the stuff, so it seems a little smaller than it really is in these pictures.

Off the hall is the bathroom, and what will be the master bedroom. Not big by any means, but we've had tiny bedrooms and we've had huge bedrooms (our Idaho house had a massive master suite!) and this seemed like a good size for us.

There is also a deck off of the living room, and while it's not the worst, it needs a fair amount of work, like everything else.

We knew going in that this place needed so much tlc (aka, a complete gut job!) and we knew that we were going to be running into some electrical and foundation issues with it. Just so you know that we had no illusions this was going to be an easy job! We were working with an original half of the house that was built in the 40s, and that had been added onto in the 60s.

Plus, whoever built it initially had to have been pretty small. The ceilings were only 6'11"! Now, we aren't the tallest people, so it wasn't all that bad to us, but we knew that raising the ceilings was going to be on the list, at least for part of the house.

On top of that, it was very, very dirty and hadn't been maintained very well at all. The owner who did the addition lived (and smoked inside!) for the last 50 years, and there had been some animals in and out of the place in the last decade. Mmmm, smell that??.....

But the bones seemed good (and in parts of it they were), it was cute, and overall it checked most of the boxes we were looking for.

Then we started demo. But I'll get to that later :) We ended up having to make some pretty major changes to the plan after we really got into it, so I figured it warranted it's own post, and that will bring us up to it's current stage. So stay tuned for that!

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