Rainy Days

Monday, October 03, 2011

Well, the rainy season has officially started here in Southern Oregon, which means my moods will now be a mix between melancholy dreariness and cozy contentment. That sounds like quite the contrast doesn't it? I suppose it's because I love the fall and being able to wear warm, comfy clothes, but I have a strong dislike for rain! I guess since there is nothing I can do about the precipitation (and there will be a lot more of it), I may as well try to be as content with it as I can. One way I plan to do this is by writing. Hence my new blog. Oh what am I thinking, I can't pull off the word hence. It seems pretentious. My goal is just to have somewhere to write down my ideas and thoughts to get me through these rainy days.

I guess I should start by telling you a little bit about myself. I don't know who "you" are or if there even is a "you", but if there is, thank you for stopping by to read this. I am 21 and I am a stay at home wife. Not mom, just wife. If you're thinking that sounds kind of boring, you would be right. At least sometimes. But I try to stay busy by letting my house get as messy as my husband can stand, and then doing a lot of cleaning! Just kidding, I try not to do that. I also volunteer at a daycare in a local gym once a week and as of last week I am taking a pottery class at the community college here in town, so I get some social interaction. My husband Dane is amazing, smart, funny, and the love of my life! We've been married for three years now and they've been great. I also go to church, I am a Christian, and I have a close knit circle of family and friends. When I make the time to stop and think about it, I realize that I really am very lucky and very blessed. I just wish I stopped to think about it more.

If I could change anything it would be to be closer to my immediate family, meaning my parents and siblings, oh and of course my best friend (the sister I chose) Kayla. Unfortunately, they all live 500 miles away in Idaho, and I married an Oregon boy. I miss them a lot, but luckily they all have the means to come and visit me regularly, and I get to go and see them! I usually get to see them all in person several times a year, and now thanks to Skype, I get to see there faces whenever I want. I come from a very big family, I'm the oldest of seven! I have one younger brother (who can be a pain in the rear) but I love him, and five younger sisters who are all like little weird, sassy, different versions of myself. They are all great and I hope that they grow up ok without having me around all the time. Then there are my parents who I also love so much, even though I don't tell them enough. It's amazing how you can spend your whole childhood wanting to move out and get away, but when it finally happens you wish you could be around so much more than you are. And then there is Kayla. Miss Kayla-Pants. My best friend since the day I was born, and there is so much to say about her that I had better save that for another time. I will just say that I love her to pieces and I wish I could still see her every single day like I used to.

I suppose I should call it good for today, Husband just called to say he's heading home from work and the kitchen is still a mess with dinner nowhere in sight! Check back in and I'll tell you (the mysterious "you") more about my family, friends, life, and my random everyday thoughts in days to come. I hope the days treat you well!

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