Dog Days

Monday, September 17, 2012

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I got a puppy last April after pestering my dear husband to let me have one for about a year! He is a blue heeler/border collie mix, and he was a cute little thing when he first came to us. Before he even got home we had named him Handsome, and I think it suits him very well. I always get comments on what a pretty dog he is when we go out on our walks. This is what he looked like 5 months ago.

Handsome 3 months

He was a little bit of a fluff ball, and so adorable! Then he grew into a dog and this is what he looks like today.
8 months

Got his stick

What was that?

He loves sticks and his rope, and he loves loves loves to play fetch! He also likes to bark at everything he sees, so much so that one of our neighbors made a complaint to the city. And he also likes to jump the fence into said neighbors yard! So he has been a pain in my backside, to say the least, and has had to be chained up a lot lately. Hopefully that will change soon though, because I just bought an invisible dog fence to supplement our existing real fence, and that should keep him in. I suppose some people would think that shocking my dog to keep him in my yard is cruel, but I think better that than for him to be chained all day, every day! I feel so bad for him, because he hates it so much, but he is a smart dog so I know he'll get the fence thing figured out without too much trouble.

Even though he drives me nuts sometimes (and he drives my husband crazier than me) I still love him and I can't see myself ever willingly getting rid of him. I do enjoy taking him on walks, and he provides a lot of entertainment, especially when he pesters the cats! Plus, he really is just so darn handsome, haha! Maybe someday we'll even get him another doggie friend. Because this is what he has to deal with when he tries to play with the cats.


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