Week Two Update

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

:( :( :( :( :(
That pretty much sums up my week two. As you can probably tell, it was not very successful. I think being able to skim by during my first week and still make my goal made me even more lax for the second week. Or at least the second weekend. Today when I weighed in I was at 139.2, about a half pound gain from last week! Which is extremely frustrating.
I know one of my problems is with my budget. During a four week period, we tend to have more extra money at the beginning, and by the end things are getting tight. I have a hard time trying to buy healthy groceries when I am running low on funds, and my instinct is always to try to make what I have at home stretch. This usually means I'm trying to create healthy meals out of staples, like rice, potatoes, baked goods, and breakfast foods like pancakes. None of which are that great. Good for sides, or small portions of meals, but when I am running low on fresh produce then I am kind of screwed.
This week I know I will be struggling with my grocery budget more than last week, so I am going to have to get creative. I know I have a lot of dry beans, so I am planning on making chili, which surprisingly is very diet friendly, or some homemade chicken soup. I need to work out my grocery schedule a little better so I know I will always be able to go and buy fresh produce when I need it.
I did have a couple of accomplishments though, even if the scale didn't show it. We went out for dinner last Friday night for our anniversary, and I had a small flatbread pizza and a dinner salad, which I thought were decent choices, and not overly huge portions like a lot of restaurant fare. I was full but not stuffed, and had I not overdone it with the sugary, high calorie drinks, the night would have been a complete success. Then yesterday I took my dog for a walk/jog. It has been a really long time since I've jogged and I felt really good, so I would like to start doing that a couple of times a week again.
This week my goals are pretty much the same as last week. Work out a little more, and drink more water. I really want to be more diligent this week. I just have to keep picturing the end goal, being thinner, healthier, and fitter than I am right now. Here's hoping for a successful week three!

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