Week One Update

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yesterday I got on my scale and week one....was a success! I lost 1.4 lbs. which was pretty much my goal, and pretty impressive since I felt like I had totally failed all weekend long. We had a series of get togethers going on Saturday that made it about impossible to "diet," although I could have opted for healthier choices almost every time and I didn't. Once I fall off the wagon so badly it takes me a few days to get back on track, so I was a bit surprised when the scale showed some progress.

Now, I know some people are very anti-scale, but I find mine to be a very useful tool. I can't just judge by how my body is feeling. I can feel slimmer and then step on to see that I've gained two pounds, or I can lose two pounds but feel totally bloated and fat! It's very easy for me to convince myself that if I just "try to eat healthier" and I'm having a good day, that I'm losing weight. When actually I'm gaining! So I like to see clear results and know for sure whether or not I am having any progress. I don't obsess over it or anything like that, I just weigh in once a week to make sure I'm headed in the right direction.

Two things I would like to work on this week are drinking more water, and logging a little more work out time. Last week I did alright as far as exercise I thought, but looking back I think I only walked a couple of times and went to yoga once. I was being a total slacker and I've skipped my last two yoga classes, so my goal is to make sure I go this week. I've also gotten into the bad habit of drinking most of my water at work. Which means that I'm not drinking very much at all! So I'm making myself drink a glass right now as I sit here writing.

I hope that the good results I had from last week will push me through this one too. I know that the more I lose the harder it will be to shed those pounds, so I'm hoping that I can keep the motivation to keep going. I guess I'll find out if I did next week! 

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