Our Home Remodel: Exterior Reveal!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

I wasn't very good at posting updates on the blog about our house remodel, but we finally finished it and it is pending a sale at the moment!

It was such a huge project that it really took away from my business and blog in general, so that's why there's been such a lack of posting, and I missed out on the whole Mother's Day/Father's Day/Graduation season again. Womp, womp :/ But it was a project that was well worth it!

When we bought our house last May, I thought we would live in it for a couple of years, spending the first year fixing it up and the second enjoying our hard work. Then, Dane got a job back in Oregon, and the plan changed haha.

He actually had to move for his job in March, and I stayed behind to continue working on the house, with him coming back occasionally on weekends to do some of the stuff I couldn't do by myself.

It was a long three and a half months, but we finally got it done, and I moved to be with Dane again. Needless to say, we missed each other pretty badly!

Now, in the interest of keeping the reveal from being one great-big-too-long-post, I'm going to break it up into separate parts. Obviously, if you read the title of this post, this is our outside reveal!

The front exterior of the house, and the back yard. These two photos were from the listing when we bought it. It was winter and dreary when they were taken, so they look pretty awful. And can you see all of the dark spots in the grass in the back yard? Those are burnt spots!

Most of the exterior work we did was to the back yard. The front of the house just needed a little clean up, but the back needed a total overhaul! By the time we moved in, it was May and the weeds were out in full force!

That play set? It actually sits in a separate area, filled with pea gravel. Not that you can tell. Oh, and can you find Dane in the jungle of weeds?? Haha!

We ended up having to tear out the entire lawn and re-plant. There was hours and hours of weeding in that went into having this yard look presentable, but it was definitely worth it!

And now for the after shots :) Here's the front yard:

And here's the back!

It's not perfect (what is?), but it's about a million times better than where we started! This was the first time I really put any amount of work into a lawn, and I have to be honest, I kind of enjoyed it. Even the weeding didn't seem like an awful job, and it was so satisfying to see the progress we made!

Well, that's all for the outside of the house :) I'll be back soon to share more reveals of the interior!

Thanks for stopping by!

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