Happies and Crappies Friday #9

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
  1. Well, I'm in my home state, and that's a pretty big happy in my book! I've been spending a lot of time with friends and family, and it's been so great. It's been a busy, busy week, but I've been having such a good time!
  2. I've managed to stick to my workout and eating plan the whole time I've been here! I'm pretty proud of myself, since I tend to find any excuse to fall off the wagon. I'm waiting to weigh in until I get home, but I'm still noticing some changes in how toned I am. I don't think things could have gone any better, as far as that's concerned.
  3. Yesterday my best friend Kayla, of K&M Photography, took my pictures for me! I've been wanting some new photos for the blog for a while, but I waited for her to take them. We had a lot of fun, but I discovered that I'm a terribly awkward model! I didn't know what to do with myself, and even though it was my best friend taking them, I was still uncomfortable. They turned out really good though, and you will be seeing them around here soon (update: I already changed my main picture)! In the meantime though, here's a little preview for you.

She's super talented and, if you would like, you can check out her Facebook page here.

  1. The only crappy thing about this week would be the fact that it's not long enough! A week just isn't enough time sometimes to see everyone I want to see and do everything I want to do. But, then again, I suppose I have to put things in perspective. I get to see my family several times a year, both when I come here, and they travel to Oregon. There are probably a lot of people who aren't so lucky! So I will just count myself blessed that I was able to come for a whole week, instead of just a weekend!

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  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying your trip! I have a really hard time going back to Idaho myself but hopefully make it up there for Marsing graduation this year for my little bro. You look gorgeous in your picture! Hope you don't mind me following your blog, I enjoy your posts :)

    1. That would be really nice if you could make it back for your brother's graduation :) Those kinds of events are nice to celebrate with all of your family!

      And thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I've been checking out yours too :) I really like seeing your pictures, they're so creative!


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