Oh How Pinteresting Wednedsay

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's Wednesday again! Time for another round of OHP! 

I'm still feeling that Spring bug, so most of these pins have that feel. Also, this first pin? Some of you may recognize her! That would be Cara from maskCARA! I am seriously in love with this girl's site,  especially for all things beauty!

Lately I have been all about getting my fake tan on, so I stumbled onto her post at just the right time! She has some really great tips on how to use self tanner, and some product recommendations that aren't going to break the bank. So if this Spring weather has you itching to be tan like me, then you'll definitely want to click on this pin!

Hope you're all having a great day, and you know what Wednesday means? Friday is only a couple days away! Boo-ya! (yes, I do realize that catchphrase is out of date, ha!) So, here's to us all making it until the weekend!

Source: maskcara.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: twitter.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: favim.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: oncewed.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: us.asos.com via Amy on Pinterest

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  1. Her tanning tip to get your back with a towel totally works! I used it this past week!

    1. Awesome! :) I haven't tried it yet, but I plan on using it soon!

  2. I follow Your blog via bloglovin cause You are such a lovely girl :) I fall in love with paper flowers. Beautiful

    1. Thank you so much! That's so sweet :) And yes, they are so pretty!

  3. That flower arrangement is gorgeous!

    1. I know, I love it! Basically, I love most flower arrangements, ha! But seeing all of these Spring bouquets is making me crave fresh flowers in my home :)

  4. Love that white & tan outfit combo! Wouldn't life be so much better if we all had our Pinterest closets?!

    New follower from the bloglovin' blog hop :)
    Jamie & Kristen

    1. It definitely would, ha! And thanks so much :)

  5. Great pins! I'm diggin' your style haha :)


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