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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Reading  Not much. Mostly just blogs, and some fitness magazines! I've been getting subscriptions to Self, Fitness, and Shape for a few years now. I really like them, I just wish they would give me a little more motivation sometimes! I think I've gotten desensitized to their motivating powers! I do find good information though, so when I do decide to get healthier (like I am right now) I have the right tools available.
Writing  I wrote my first attempt at a funny post! I never realized how hard it would be. I usually hope that people like what I write, but if they don't that's fine too. With humor though, it was different. I was really concerned with putting it into the right words. Even the funniest story can fall flat if it's not told right! My best friend read it though, and even though she's a little biased (she was part of the story), she said she laughed so hard she cried! That's good enough for me!
Listening  My coffee just beeped at me! Which means I can finally have some. Other than that, nothing right now. Just the bathroom fan I forgot to turn off. For music though, I heard a really good song earlier this week, which features my friend Molly! She sang background to her uncle, who performs under the name City Bear. The song is called "Nell" and you can listen to it here.
Thinking  About some of the projects I want to do around here. I know I've mentioned before how long my list is, but I feel really optomistic that we're going to start making a dent in it this year. Dane is working on our shop right now, building shelving and organizing inside. Then it's time to paint the outside, so it matches the house! My next couple of projects will be planting my flower beds (hydreangeas are a must!) and doing the cutting in on the outside of the house. It's going on four years since we started painting, and it's still not finished!
Smelling  Nothing still. I've got those left over symptoms that hang on, even when you're really not sick anymore. Blowing my nose and coughing are still here, but I feel better this weekend. Being sick really put a dent into my training schedule for my 5k! I waited until the last minute, and gave myself just enough time to fit it in before the race. Well, now I'm a week off, and I don't want to start running until my lungs are totally clear. Bleh! I may not be running it this year after all.
Wearing  My pajamas, again. I think I'm going to start cutting this one out, unless I actually put on real clothes. I always write this first thing in the morning, before I shower and get ready for church. I guess I could tell you what I plan on wearing later? I just bought an adorable little summer dress, but I'm busting it out early. It's a really vibrant, burnt-ish orange (I suck at describing colors) and the top has all these little flowers of the same color and fabric sewn on. It's a subtle, but very pretty, feminine detail!
Loving  Mexican food. It's one of my absolute favorites, and I like to make it on a semi-regular basis. I made chicken fajitas last night, and they were awesome! I actually didn't eat mine with a tortilla though, because I'm tyring to cut back on my carbs again. I just eat them with a fork, and a side of avacado and sour cream! Yum!
Wanting  To shed a few pounds. I always want this, but I finally decided to jump on the wagon again, and start eating healthier. Eating low carb really works for me, and when I stick to it I see really good results! Plus, I always feel better, and the less sugar I eat, the less I crave it. Well, I decided to join my parents in No Dessert March, so we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!
Needing  To wash my hair! It's been a few days, and it's a total grease bomb. I should have washed it last night, but my hair just will not cooperate unless it's freshly washed right before I style it. Sleeping on it does it no favors whatsoever!
Feeling  Sore! I did a lot of yard work yesterday. I prepped my front flower beds, and mowed the yard. Then I swept my sidewalks off. Everything was looking pretty shabby. We just topped our tree, and there were sticks everywhere! Our beds have always been a disaster, and except for the rosebush that was already there, one of them has never had anything planted in it. Besides weeds. Curb appeal is usually lacking a lot at our house! Not anymore though. There's still nothing planted, but there are no more weeds, and everything looks nice and clean. Definitely worth the sore shoulders and back I have today.
Clicking  On a lot of Jenna Marbles videos lately. I probably shouldn't admit that, because those of you that know who she is, know how raunchy and foul mouthed her videos are! She's is just so funny though! It's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine, I'll watch them once in a while. If you don't mind hearing some inappropriate stuff, you should watch this one. It's hilarious! But if that bothers you, definitely don't watch any of her stuff!

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  1. Haha. I love how you are thinking about cutting the "wearing" out. I used to LIVE in my pajamas on the weekends. I realized that before my husband and I were comfortable with each other, back in college, I'd always make an effort to look slightly put together even if we were just watching tv. Unless I'm dying of illness, I try to do that still. I think it helps, actually!

    I need soreness from spring planting. Next weekend, I think. We try to fix up our curb appeal a little bit more each year. This is a big year for us cause we may (hopefully) be ready to move next year. So lots of planting to be done.... ;)

    1. That's a good idea, about trying to put yourself together a little. It seems like unless I am going somewhere, I look like a total scrounge!

      I know what you mean, we're trying to up our curb appeal for the same reason. There's a chance we might be moving too, sometime later this year, so we need to get our house market ready! The list seems never ending!

  2. I loved your funny post, though I didn't comment because I read it on my iPhone and it freaks out when I try to leave comments. I felt like I was there laughing at it happening. Haha.

    P.S. Thanks for the mention. :) I'd love that song to reach a bunch of people, my uncle is super talented and deserves the recognition.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)
      Oh and you're welcome! I was going to let you know that I tagged you, but then I ran out of time and forgot! It's a really good song, he's not the only one who's talented :)

  3. I had never heard of Jenna Marbles before. She probably is a little too raunchy for my taste, but the hair thing was pretty funny. My niece once described my hair as something like a "brownish, reddish, blondish, golden" color. I guess that says a lot about me!! haha...

    1. I know, she's a little too raunchy for me too. I have to take her in small doses! But it's nice to know "I'm probably a nice person!" :)

  4. I can sympathize with feeling desensitized from the fitness magazines. I feel the same way with pinterest. I go on there, see an incredibly sculpted body and say "eh, whatever!" (I shouldn't do that, but I do!) :)

    1. Exactly! I'm just like "Oh that's nice, but I couldn't ever look like that. Now I'm going to go eat some donuts." :)


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