Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

So, funny story. Last week, my inspiration for the dessert based OHP post, was the fact that I was trying to reorganize my food board. It was getting a little out of control, so I decided I needed to create a separate dessert board as well. I know that you have the option of just moving the pin's location by clicking on edit, but sometimes it's easier to just re-pin them and delete later. This is what I was doing for quite a while Tuesday evening, and I barely made a dent. Anyways, for anyone who follows me, it looked like I had a problem! I had just pinned over forty dessert pins in half an hour! My sister-in-law called me Wednesday morning, to check and see if I was in a sugar induced coma. She felt like she should check up on me! 

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a complete sugar addiction, and coupled with the fact that I haven't been working out on a regular basis lately, means I have been feeling like garbage. So, in case anyone was worried, I didn't actually make everything that I pinned last week. In fact, I didn't make any of them, and I will be sure to spread them out if I do! I also decided to join my parents and some friends in a No-Dessert-March challenge, so I'm really changing gears here. This week I wanted to share some pins that may be necessary if you tried out any of those dessert recipes! Here's to getting in better shape and working off those cookies! 

Source: youtube.com via Amy on Pinterest

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  1. If I can find the time and motivation to work out so can you! In the past week I've done 2.85 miles of interval training on the elliptical or treadmill 5 times, and yoga 3 times. The best part of all of the exercise is how much better my mood and energy levels are! I'm trying to lose 10 pounds by my anniversary in May. Good luck to you!

    1. Excellent! Yeah, I started training for my annual 5k this week, and I've been trying to fit in more strength training! My goal is to really tone everything up, and to lose 10-15 lbs by summer :) I'm already starting to feel better too!


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