Happies and Crappies Friday #12

Friday, May 03, 2013

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Whoo! After writing this heavy post, I'm glad to be focusing on the positive things going on in my week!

  1. I got to get my grill on this week! Last summer, I didn't grill. Not one. Single. Time. I know, what a disgrace, right? Well, this year, I'm making up for it! I've already grilled twice in the last three nights! Let me tell you, it is one super tasty treat!
  2. I know I always gush about how nice our weather has been lately, but seriously. It's like summer already! We've been in the 80s for most of the last couple of weeks, and it has been so nice. I've been doing a lot more stuff outside, and I feel like it's really helping my mood!
  3. This weekend is Cinco de Mayo! I'm going to get my Mexican food on, and I am beyond excited!
  4. I've been working on some projects lately, and things are looking good! I might have some things to share with you by next week, if things go well. I love when I can start on something, and get it finished in a reasonable amount of time. It makes me feel very accomplished!

  1. The other night, my dog peed all over my screen door (while the other one was open). It was all over my rug, my floor, and Dane's shoes! Then, tonight he destroyed a pair of my flip flops. To say he's pushing my buttons lately is an understatement!
  2. I have blisters all over my hands from doing yard work this week. I love getting things done, but I hate the after effects! I think maybe I need to invest in a good pair of gloves!

Well, it's been another good week, with more good than bad! Usually now, I would say goodbye until Sunday, but since I'm doing the Blog Everyday in May challenge, I will be back tomorrow! 

I hope you all have a great Friday, thanks for stopping by :)

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  1. Stopping by from the link up! :)
    I live in Indiana, i am glad our weather has been acting right! :) I feel so much better being outside


  2. Ooh, completely forgot about Cinco de Mayo...I might need to have a margarita in celebration :)


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