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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Usually, I like to have at least one picture to share with you all on Sundays, but I'm afraid that's not happening this week! I haven't been using my camera enough I guess...


Reading  Hmm, blog posts mostly. And I've been really bad about doing that too! This last week was a pretty busy one for me, and reading is one of those things that goes by the wayside. 
Writing  I feel like I've been writing so much this week! With the whole Blogging Every Day in May challenge, I've been writing tons, and I love it! If you'd like to see what all I've been doing, you can find them all here.
Listening  A couple of things. At the forefront are the sounds of birds! It's such a gorgeous morning, that I had to have my breakfast and write this post outside on my patio! All the little birds are just chirp chirping away. I'm also listening to Churchill. I love their sound so much! All they currently have out is their EP, and I hope they get a full length album out soon.
Thinking  About all of the things I would like to do this week. I have the next few days off from work, so I would like to get a few projects out of the way.
Smelling  Wonderful, delicious, fresh air! It smells like summer!
Wishing  Hmm, not for much I guess. Things are going really well! Maybe that this warm weather will stay, and that the rain they're forecasting for next week will stay away. 
Hoping  To have a nice, relaxing Sunday. And maybe to play a little volleyball with some friends!
Loving  This whole blogging/eating breakfast outside thing. It's very nice! I may have found a new morning spot, I think.
Wanting  To buy a few more plants to put in my flower beds. One of them is still completely empty! I did get my hydrangeas planted the other day, though. Now, hopefully I don't kill them!
Needing  To start wearing gloves when I'm working on things outside. My project from last week resulted in a lot of slivers and scrapes on my hands.
Feeling  Oh, I'd say I'm feeling pretty swell today!
Clicking  On a few other bloggers' posts from the May challenge. I really enjoyed my friend Molly's intro post, a story about her life. She wrote it in poetry form, and I thought it was just great! Then, there are these videos! I love a good workout video, and I have been using the Malibooty pin on my Pinterest. It was just in .gif form, so I didn't realize it was from a whole series of videos! (yes, I do realize that I'm a dork, because they're very popular videos, ha!) I am totally using all of them to get myself toned up for summer.

Have a great Sunday, and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hydrangeas are so pretty, they're going to be my wedding flowers this fall! :)


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