That One Time When I Forgot the Words

Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill. 

Oh goody! You all know how much I love to share a good embarrassing story!

In fact, I've shared a couple before, here and here!

Most of the time, I don't tend to embarrass easily. It takes something extra special to make me want to just crawl into a hole, and trust me, I've had a few of those.

Like the time I walked in on a guy in a gas station bathroom.

Or the time I pushed the wrong button trying to call Dane, and ended up having a conversation with a friend who I was pretty positive a) wasn't Dane and b) was one of his friends trying to make fun of me! Poor guy had no idea why I was just calling him out of the blue!

Then there was the time I was badmouthing being critical of someone in high school, and she ended up being right behind me, hearing every word I said!

For the story I really want to share though, we'll have to go back several years. About ten actually, to be precise. Some of you may remember when Molly did this guest post for me, and she mentioned this little doozy.

I was in eighth grade, thirteen years old, and had dreams of becoming a singer! I may have been a little delusional about how good my voice was (I can carry a tune, but my voice is nothing special) and I was performing a solo at our choir Christmas concert. 

I don't think I had ever done a solo before at that point, and I was both very excited and nervous about it. Plus, with my competitive streak, I wanted to be way better than anyone else who was doing a solo! I was singing "Christmastime is Here" (off of A Charlie Brown Christmas) and I was singing a cappella (without music). 

Things were going well for through the first part of the song. I wasn't even thinking, I was just singing. I had practiced so much, that I knew all of the words by heart!

Well, I wish they had been in my head, instead of my heart.

I was just singing along, and when it came to the second verse, I started thinking. Bad move! As soon as I tried to think of the next lyric, I froze! My mind was a total blank, and I could not for the life of me remember the words!

I'm not sure exactly how long I stood there, on that stage, in front of all of those people. I heard some chuckles, some sympathetic murmurs from some of the moms, but mostly just silence.

My choir instructor was off to the side, whispering at me to just keep singing! Sing anything! But what was I supposed to do? There was nothing but a blank slate in my head, so I just continued to stand there. 

Luckily, the words did come back, and I was able to finish the song, but it was probably one of my more uncomfortable moments in my life. I'm sure it was almost as uncomfortable for all of those watching and listening, as it was for me!

So, what are your most embarrassing moments? Go and link-up!

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  1. Oh gosh that sounds horrible! I would have probably just cried so well done for finishing!

    Sarah x //

  2. I was mortified for you! I thought about running up the side (behind) the stage to sing the lyrics at you but I couldn't decide if it would help or make it worse for you so I sat. >.< Remember the Anastasia duet the concert before that? We thought we were so cool!


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