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Friday, February 08, 2013

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

  1. I got to go to work this week, even if it was only for one day. It was great as usual, and I really don't want this to come out as conceited, but they like me a lot down there! It's just nice to know that I'm appreciated for the work I do, and to know that they enjoy having me around as much as I enjoy being there. I love that I've been working there long enough now, that a lot of the kids know and recognize me! 
  2. We had some of our friends over for the Superbowl, which was a lot of fun. There was a lot of good food, and we all had a good time. I just  wish I had taken some pictures!
  3. We've had a couple of days of sunshine, with temperatures in the high fifties! It was so, so nice! I don't realize how much I miss that sometimes until it actually happens.
  4. It's been a good mail week for me so far. I got some t-shirts from JC Penny, that were only $6 a piece, and today I got my swim suit that I ordered off ebay. It's a bikini, so no one besides hubs will probably ever see me in it, but I scored a great deal, and it was only $7! That includes my shipping!
  5. I watched a very touching documentary, recommended by Maddie, called Monica & David. It's about a couple with Down's Syndrome, and it follow them during some of their first year of marriage. I love how it proves that love is such a powerful feeling, and even those with disabilities are more than capable of feeling and expressing it. They were so cute, and normal, in the ways they showed their love for one another. It was very good, and it's available to stream on Netflix, so if you have a chance you should watch it for sure!

  1. I have been mowing down on leftover Superbowl cookies all week long! Not only has that made me feel totally sluggish and gross, but I'm getting terrible heartburn. Hopefully now that they are gone, I can start eating a little cleaner. I can tell that I definitely need it. 
  2. Speaking of food, I have been feeling totally uninspired in the kitchen lately. I can't seem to come up with good healthy recipes, and the few times I do, I run out of the motivation to actually make something. We've ate a lot of processed food this week (rice-a-roni, frozen pizzas) and I want to come up with some new things that will be quick and easy to make, while still being healthy. I will probably need to come up with a new set of grocery staples, and I think that's probably been the biggest thing holding me back. 
  3. I still haven't started on any of the Valentine themed projects I wanted to do before next week! Hopefully I will get some done this weekend, since nothing I plan on doing is going to be very difficult. Mostly I just wanted to do up some home made cards, so I need to get them going soon!
Alright, so there's my week, now go link up with Sarah and Stephanie!

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  1. That documentary sounds amazing. My best friend and I love documentaries and she hopes to adopt special needs children in the future. I'll definitely watch it with her soon. Thanks for sharing!

    + I'm totally there with you on meal-planning failure. I've been microwaving a lot lately...I don't like cooking unless there's less than 5 ingredients!

  2. I looooove when my online purchases finally arrive! Always makes the week a little better right?! ...Stopping by from Happies and Crappies! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! =)

  3. Oh I hate when there are left overs that I just munch on and feel obligated to eat. I've been known to just toss out extra crap so I don't eat it all!!!


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