Sunday Currently: Volume 1

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Reading  Lots and lots of blogs! I can't seem to get enough. I've been thinking that I need to track down a book to read though, it's been a little while since I read any. I always end up with the most ridiculous library fines though! It is almost impossible for me to return anything on time, so maybe I should search my own personal collection for now.
Writing  Blog post after blog post. I've got some in the works at the moment, and there's been some brain storming going on. I'm really enjoying it, and I'm hoping to keep up that forward momentum!
Listening  To my washer going. Last minute laundry, because of course the outfit I wanted to wear today would be dirty. I'm also listening to some Mindy Gledhill on Spotify. I just recently discovered her music, and I love it! I'll probably be sharing one of my favorites of her's at some point.
Thinking  About my to do list for the day. It's coming along. I've also been thinking about the goal I had when I was in high school. How I wanted to be a writer. Well that's definitely what I'm doing now, but I want to start looking into getting something published. I don't know, we'll see. It's just a thought at the moment, but there are so many places on the web where someone could have an article or story published!
Smelling  The coffee brewing. I need it so badly this morning! Way too late of a night, coupled with an early-ish morning, means I'm running on just under six hours today. Whoop, whoop! Oh and also the bacon I cooked last night, which is grossing me out. That smell lingers worse than any other, and I don't find it to be a good thing.
Wishing  I had a little more seating in the family room. Let's hope some people don't mind sitting on the floor to watch the game....
Hoping  That the San Fransisco 49ers win in Superbowl today! I haven't always been big on watching football, or even kept up with the Niners much at all, but I've always considered myself a fan. They were the team I chose to support as a kid, so when it comes to pro football, that's who I always root for. Turns out, Dane shares that same story! So when they were in the playoffs we made sure to tune in, and we're both hoping they can pull a win! (We do watch a lot of college football though, so I definitely know my way around the game)
Wearing  My scuzzy old pajamas, of course! It's morning time, and I am not ready to do for the day. I wish I was wearing some of my nicer pjs though. It is amazing how much less of a slob you feel like when you are dressed in something classy and cute, as opposed to something that doesn't fit and is all stretched out and baggy!
Loving  That Valentine's day is coming up! Technically our date Friday night was supposed to be for that (kind of) but I plan on doing a fun night in on the actual date. I'll brush off my gourmet cooking skills and make something fancy, light some candles, and try to make a romantic evening for us here at home.
Wanting  The magical house fairy to come and clean my bathroom for me, so I don't have to do it! I used to say that dishes were my least favorite household chore, but I it's actually cleaning the bathroom.
Needing  A nap, I think. I could just go crawl back into bed right now.... Better drink more coffee!
Feeling  Pretty happy that I took a shower last night before bed, because there's no way I would have had time to take one this morning! I love knowing I don't have to do a lot to get ready to go. I think I have a tendency to be pretty high maintenance sometimes, it takes me so stinking long to get ready to go anywhere!
Clicking  Here. I just started trying the oil cleansing method for cleaning my face, and here's where I got most of my information. I also got some tips from my friend Molly, from Mae Live Free. She's been doing it for a year now! We'll see how it goes, so far so good.

Linking up today for the first time with Lauren from siddathornton!

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  1. Hi Amy! Glad you're writing these fun Sunday posts with us!

    I just started the oil cleansing method too! Well, sort of. I don't do the mixing myself, I use Bobbi Brown's Soothing Cleansing Oil, and I moisturize with organic jojoba oil (and am dying to get some lavender oil to add to it). I used to use all Clinique products which were great for years, but recently my skin has not been doing well and the expensive department store products have done nothing to help. So I decided to go au natural and I'm so excited about it! Keep me posted on how it all works for you.

    Happy Sunday :)

    1. Yes, I definitely will, and I hope it works for you too! I hadn't thought of lavender though, that would be a really nice addition :)

  2. Ha, I think that's the same site I got my info from when I first started oil cleansing too! Book recommendations: if you haven't already read them, Wildwood, and Under Wildwood by Colin Meloy. They are super duper easy reads and I think you'd like the story. The stories take place in the wilderness surrounding Portland, and the author is the lead singer of the Decembrists. There are cute illustrations too! And the lingering smell of bacon disgusts me too! Especially since when I was pregnant with Lorelei and living with my in-laws, they made bacon (nearly burnt, every time) a lot. Barf! Literally...

    1. Alright thanks, I'll be sure to look those books up :)

  3. I'm hoping San Fran loses. Sorry, friend. ;) Ray Lewis deserves a W to end his career. :)

    I am glad I'm not the only one that sometimes looks back on my last shower and thinks, "whew! cause I did NOT want to shower this morning!" Happens allll the time. Call me lazy. :)

    1. Well congrats on the win! Haha, the game was a close one :)

  4. Today was my first time linking up with the Sunday Currently series too! I've been reading everyone else's posts and thinking... "where have all these wonderful ladies been all my (blogging) life!?" So I'm glad I found you. :)

    Your slow morning + needing a little more coffee sounds just like my morning. I'm on cup #2! Although I shouldn't be publicizing that as if I'm proud of my caffeine dependency...

    1. Yeah that's really a love/hate thing! :) And thank you so much, I do the same thing! I'll be sure to check you out too :)

  5. A great Sunday currently post! Welcome to the Sunday currently!!! I just posted my second one and love doing this! =).

    Ooh I love Bobbie Brown! Naps are always wonderful! And showers, I'm not a fan of the chore. I also hate laundry and dishes :)


    1. Thank you, I'm enjoying it! And I'll be sure to check you out!

  6. so, so happy to have you linking up this week. i love having the opportunity to get to know all the people who take part in it each week, by reading the little bits & pieces of their lives they share through their currently posts. :)

    isn't it just the best feeling to have blogging inspiration? i always go through periods of intense inspiration, then dry spells. i do think, though, that the dry spells just make me appreciate the inspiration even more. blogging is really rewarding in that way, i think.

    the smell of brewing coffee is enough to perk me up every morning - & i am definitely not a morning person. there is just something about that smell that can really turn my mood around. thank goodness for coffee!

    oh, & if you get in touch with the magical house fairy, be sure to send them my way next ;)

    hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad I did too! And yes, that feeling is the best :) I hope you have a good week as well!

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