Seeing Pink, and a Little Something for Your Funny Bone

Thursday, February 28, 2013

I know, you're probably thinking "What's going on? This isn't Wednesday," but don't worry. I just wanted to show you all some examples of one of my favorite looks for spring and summer! I am so in love with pink pants, more than you even know! I realize that they are super trendy, and I probably wouldn't be able to wear them a lot before they were no longer cool, but that's ok because I don't claim to be super cool anyways!

Personally, I've been leaning more towards the lighter pinks, like the ones on Cameron Diaz. After seeing a lot of cute pictures of brighter and darker ones though, I'm not so sure. I guess I will have to shop around a bit, because price is a pretty big factor too. Honestly, I don't plan on spending more than twenty bucks, and if I could find some cheaper that would be great! Either way, whether I go with a fun hot pink or the soft dusty pink, I plan on rocking some all spring and summer long!

*     *     *     *     *

Speaking of pants, this is mostly unrelated, but I remembered a funny story today that I wanted to share with you all! I was telling my mother-in-law about it this afternoon, and we were dying! I figured if it's still as funny today as it was then, I should give some other people a good laugh!

Let's rewind a couple years. I was in Idaho for the weekend, with Dane, and we were going to head out on the town with our good friends, Jordan and Kayla. For those of you who know us all, you know that we do almost everything together when we have the opportunity. The guys have been friends all their lives, and so have Kayla and I. 

Now, I suppose I am probably considered to be petite, but mostly just because I'm short. I roll in just under 5"3, but I'm not the skinniest girl around. At this time, I was at a healthy weight for me (about ten pounds lighter than my current weight, boo!). Kayla, though, is petite in every sense. The girl is a good three inches shorter and, at that time, a good twenty pounds lighter. As a short person, it's nice to have someone around who makes you feel taller!

On this particular night, we wanted to get all dressed up. And by all dressed up, I mean jeans, black t-shirts, and heels. Yeah, we know we classy!

Well, all of the jeans I had at the time just would not work. Why, may you ask? Because most of my pants were lady jeans. Not mom jeans, like you probably just thought, but lady jeans. From the misses section, not the juniors, and the perfect length for wearing with flats, they wouldn't drag the ground. Nice and clean. No fun stitching or washes, and definitely no distressing. Plus, too short to wear with my five inch heels! Not jeans that your typical twenty-one year old wants to wear. 

It had been a while since I had tried to wear anything of Kayla's, and there was a time when I probably could have gotten away with it. 

This night was not one of those times.

Like any good bff, she was super encouraging. "Oh sure, you could totally fit in something, what size do you wear? Oh that's fine, it'll work. Just try these ones on, I never wear them. They're just a little too big. They'll totally fit you, and then you can just keep them. They're going to look so cute!"

And that's one reason why I love this girl. She's so sweet. 

Needless to say, they did NOT fit. But you probably already saw that coming. What you probably weren't expecting was leg muffin top, or what I like to call, the thing you are never meant to see!
Trust me, it was bad. You see, these jeans were pretty worn, and they had started out with that typical distressing you see these days. The rips, the faded look. Well, one of those rips was bigger than it was supposed to be. Just below the crotch line, it was a huge hole, and it was only on one side. Right smack dab in the middle of the thigh. 

I was able to get the pants up. Barely.There was a lot of jumping around involved, and it was a challenge, but I succeeded. At that point I was thinking "so far so good." I was then able to get them zipped up by doing the whole "lay on the bed and suck it in" thing. Triumph! It was when I stood up that reality sunk in. All of the fat in my leg was doing it's best to squeeze out of that one hole! You have never seen anything so ugly in all your life!

Of course, we were a mess. We could both barely stand up, we were laughing so hard! What else are you supposed to do when you see something like that? I wish I had a picture, but you'll just have to try to imagine it. One leg looked ok, and without the hole I maybe could have pulled them off. They were definitely painted on, and it was them being so tight that made it look all the worse. Imagine a slim looking leg, everything all sucked in, with a huge bulge trying to escape, right on the widest, front part of my thigh! 

So there's me, trying to pull the edges of the hole, trying to cover it up a little and having no success. That fat just wanted out! And Kayla, "Um, yeah you definitely can't wear those," while we are laughing so hard we can barely breathe! It seems like we tried something with water, because you know water makes jeans relax a bit? Nope, it doesn't. And there is just no sucking in leg fat!

As you can expect, I ended up wearing my boring old lady jeans and flip flops.. At least I was comfortable, right? And when I got home from our trip, I went right to the store, and bought some "fun" jeans that actually fit!

It was an experience though, and it makes for a great story! "Oh hey, remember that time I had leg muffin top?" Yeah...

So, did you ever have any clothing fiascoes like this? Were you lucky enough to figure it out before going out in public? Let me know in the comments, or better yet, write your own post! And sorry for the novel, but hopefully you got a good laugh and it was worth it!

Goodnight all! :)

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