Liebster Blog Award: Tag, You're It!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I was recently tagged in a post by my friend Molly over at Mae Live Free, to be a part of the Liebster Blog Award! Now, there really isn't any award, but it is a fun game to play with your fellow bloggers, and show some link-love!

The rules are simple. If you have been tagged at the bottom of my post you must do the following:

  1. Write eleven facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the eleven questions given you by your tagger.
  3. Create eleven new questions for those you tag.
  4. Tag eleven bloggers, with less than 200 followers, and let them know they've been invited!
  5. Oh, and no tag backs! (feels like the playground, huh?)
See we're having fun already!

Eleven Facts

  1. I'm just starting to get a little more into photography, hence the picture at the top that doesn't seem to really belong. I just thought it was pretty! I don't really know if this is a hobby that will go anywhere, but I'm enjoying just playing around with it.
  2. I am such a total nerd. Like, nobody really has any idea how totally uncool and awkward I can be. Except for my husband Dane, my best friend Kayla, and my family. They've seen it all! Every weird noise, accent, funny face, you name it. I'm surprised I don't embarrass them all in public more often!
  3. I love orange! My favorite color has bounced around a lot over the years, I used to be super into green. Now, I don't really love it. But I would love to put loud, punchy shots of orange all over the place. 
  4. I feel like I am a really confident person by nature, but I am also really insecure. I feel like my insecurities aren't who I really am though, if that makes any sense? Like, deep down, I like myself a lot, but life gets in the way, and there's always something to make you feel not good enough. I would love to move past those insecurities someday, and become that confident person I know I am!
  5. I have a completely unhealthy relationship with food. Mostly sugar. But it is just so good. In fact, speaking of sugar, I want some cake. Or cookies. Ooh, or some brownies! Anyways... where was I?
  6. I love my job! Currently I only hold a substitute position, but I get to work at an elementary school as an aide, and it's fantastic! I get to work with a lot of wonderful ladies, and some really great kids.
  7. I have never flown in an airplane. Yeah, twenty-two years old, and I've never even been in one. I would like to be able to go somewhere that would require flying, and preferably sooner rather than later, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I won't like it. I'll be the weird lady having a panic attack, a la Bridesmaids movie! (you know what scene I'm referring to!)
  8.  I completely over use exclamation points! Way too much! I don't know why I can't seem to stop using them! They are probably really annoying to everyone else! Actually, maybe no one else ever noticed, but you will now!
  9. I have five little sisters, how crazy is that? Those goofy little girls are so great, I miss them all like crazy! It seems like I'm always seeing kids that remind me of them. I guess that's when I know I'm getting really home sick.
  10. I love music so, so much. I have always loved it! As a kid I entertained notions of being a professional singer or musician, but I definitely don't have that much talent. I love to sing still, and if I don't have music playing all the time then I feel off. I love songs that move me, and right now my favorite genre is folk rock, or folk pop. Think the Lumineers and Mumford & Sons.
  11. I am a terribly lazy person. I spend way too much of my free time (and then some) sitting on my computer, not doing much at all. Reading blogs, which is great, facebooking, checking email, reading random articles. You name it, I'm probaly wasting time doing it. It's one of those things I feel like I really need to work on.

Eleven Answers

    1.  If you could have coffee with ANYONE, who would it be and why?

This one is tough. I think it would be my mom. After four and a half years of living in another state, and knowing that I probably always will, I would love to be able to have coffee with her whenever I wanted! I'm sure that's not what this question was about, but that's my answer.

    2.  Tell me about one defining moment in your life?

I feel like I have a lot of these moments, and it's hard to pick just one! I guess I will go with one of the happier ones. I was talking to my best friend on the phone from where I was on vacation. I had just started dating my husband, and I was telling her how head over heels I was! I told her that I was pretty sure I was in love, and that was when I actually realized it. I was completely in love! Of course, she gave me the usual response, and told me it wasn't love, it was just hormones. That feeling never changed though, and I think that was when I really started to realize that he was going to be my forever.

    3.  Why do you blog?

I love to write. I have thought and thought about writing, anything really, but I never could seem to do it. After discovering and following so many amazing blogs, I began to think that this was the perfect outlet for me to use. I'm not sure where, if anywhere, I want this all to go, but I love the practice that it's giving me, and I hope to get better! I also like crafty stuff, I'm just not very motivated, so I thought this would give me the kick I needed to get some of my projects done!

    4.  If you could only listen to one artist/band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

This would be really hard, even though I'm the kind of person who can listen to something over and over again before I ever get tired of it! I guess I would have to say Mumford & Sons, they are at least tied for, if not hold, the spot of my number one favorite!

    5.  What is your favorite food?

I love Mexican food! I could eat it constantly. And I don't mean real authentic Mexican, although I'm sure I would like that too, but good ol' greasy American Mexican food! I think guacamole is the best invention ever, and a big, deep fried chimichanga covered in it really hits the spot!

    6.  If you had to come up with a unique tradition for you/your family, what would it be?

I have actually had to do this since I moved away from my family. There are a few holiday get-togethers that I have to miss out on now, that my husband's family doesn't always celebrate. So far nothing we do has really stuck, except for going to the coast on the fourth of July, and even that we haven't done every year. I would love to have a new New Year's Day tradition though. Probably brunch, since I love brunch, and just having some of our friends and family over. Not really unique, but it's not something we've never done either!

    7.  Tell me something that makes you unique?

I am, what my husband likes to call, a person of extremes. This goes for most things in my life. I can be the biggest, grossest slob you've ever seen, but when I want something clean, I'm going to clean it totally. Like OCD clean and organized. I'm the same way with my diet. When I'm on one, I'm on it. Nothing bad for me! But as soon as I fall off the wagon, I pretty much dive right into a pile of donuts! Then I will eat junk food like it's going out of style! It pretty much drives everyone around me crazy.

    8.  What poem or quote would you say applies most to your life?

I love the saying "This too shall pass." My mother-in-law said it to me when I was going through something difficult in my life, and I like to think about how true it is. No matter what you are struggling with, it's so comforting to know that it will pass. It might take a long time, or it might be quick. But someday you will wake up and realize that this thing you've been fighting is finally over. 

    9.  If you were a coffee shop drink, would you be a?

Ooh, I'm not sure about this one. Maybe a white chocolate caramel mocha. Because I'm as white as they come, and a little caramel for that little something special! Maybe with an extra shot, since I'm so feisty. Ha! What's funny is that I would never order this. I'm a sugar free, split shot or decaf, skinny caramel latte kinda gal. Yes I know, I'm high maintenance   

  10.  What is your most treasured possession or memory?

One I've been thinking of lately is from a little over a year ago. It was the weekend before my brother's birthday and he was here in town. We decided to take him out to a pizza place that we love as a treat, and a couple of our friends came along too. With everything that happened soon after, and with all the regrets I've had, it took a while before I remembered even having that night with him. I'm so, so happy that I did, and I love to think about it and the fun we had. I know I'm going to cherish that memory for the rest of my life.

  11.  You find a $100 bill on the sidewalk, what do you do?

Do a little squeal and dance in my head! It must be my lucky day! Seriously, I would love to find an extra $100, but I would probably blow it on a fun date night, and maybe a new outfit. If Dane had anything to say about it though, it would probably go into savings. So honestly, I guess we would probably split it 50/50. Half in savings, half to have fun with!

Eleven Questions For You

  1. What is your biggest inspiration when it comes to blogging?
  2. If your life were a movie, who would play you?
  3. What is your favorite scent?.
  4. If you were a super hero, what would your power be?
  5. What is your favorite hobby, besides blogging?
  6. What is your go-to, favorite outfit?
  7. If you could learn another language in a day, what would it be and why?
  8. Who is the biggest hero in your life?
  9. What is your favorite way to relax?
  10. Coffee or tea? Plus your favorite brand
  11. What is your biggest goal, in regards to your blog?

So there you have it! I'm tagging all of these lovely ladies below. If any of you decide to join in, don't feel obligated to ramble on as much as I have! You can write as little, or as much as you like!

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  1. I love all your answers, and the one about who you'd have coffee with, you nailed it. I just meant for it to be answered candidly. I love that you chose your mom. :) Sounds like our husbands have something in common, David would want to save a found $100 bill too. Rats! Oh, and the exclamation points, I never noticed that you used them much before, but I have the same problem and I try really hard to edit out the unnecessary ones. We're just excitable women I guess. :)

  2. Ha, yeah I figured it probably wasn't too noticeable to anybody else, but now it will be! Oh well, I guess we must be :)

  3. This is so cool! Thank you so much for tagging me! :) I'm looking forward to participating. <--- I almost ended that sentence with an exclamation mark and then I was like... eh, three in a row? maybe a little much. So it looks like I may have the same "problem!" ;)

    1. I love that I'm not the only one! (haha) you're welcome though, and I'm really glad you're joining in!


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