Sunday Fun

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I meant to post this earlier, but today was a lot busier than I had originally planned! 
I wanted to show how we (kind of) enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. 
I say kind of, because of this cute little mutt right here. 

Smiley face

We decided to go disc golfing, and this doggy is the worst to take for that! 
Constantly pulling and tugging, and being a general pain in the rear. 
He also has this thing with jumping, mostly on Dane!
He really knows how to push our buttons.
Good thing he's so cute, huh?

There was a car horn going off

Overall, I guess it was still nice to get outside and enjoy the sun! 
I hope you all were able to enjoy your weekends!
We're set up for sun all week, so hopefully we'll have a chance to disc again,
this time without the puppy!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, yeah he is :) sometimes I think that's the only thing he's got going for him! Just kidding, but he's definitely a handful, and he keeps me busy :)


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