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Thursday, April 11, 2013

*Note: This story contains no pictures. You will thank me later.

As some of you may or may not have noticed, I added Dane's and my love story to my pages. Because I'm sure you were all waiting on pins and needles for it! I actually really enjoy reading about other people's love stories. How they met, what all went down. There are some really sweet ones out there! So, if you're interested in reading about how an Idaho girl fell in love with an Oregon boy, check it out.

In honor of me finally posting that, I wanted to share another special gem with you all! It's the story of the most unforgettable anniversary we've ever had! (And not for the reasons some of you may be thinking).

It was our second wedding anniversary. We decided to stay close to home, and just go out for a romantic dinner. We chose a restaurant a little further away than normal, and a little more expensive too!

Fun fact, it was so expensive that I decided to buy the gift card pack from Costco. Yeah.

I remember really looking forward to it, because even though we went on date nights a lot, I'd heard a lot of good things about the restaurant. You could even buy cigars from them and smoke on the deck off of the lounge! If that is not the epitome of classiness, I just don't know what is.

For the most part, everything was going great! The food was delicious, and since I had gotten a 20% savings on the gift card, we decided to order appetizers, as well as entrees. Big spenders over here, look out! As a result, we decided to opt out of dessert. Fast forward to the end of our meal (where I had finished off ALL of my food), and the staff decided to surprise us! In honor of our anniversary, they gave us a free dessert. It even came with a little card, signed by all of them. It was very sweet!

The dessert was just as good as the rest of the food. It was a delicious peach cobbler, with cinnamon and nutmeg. So, so good. So good, that I didn't stop eating, even though I was so stuffed! This was the start of my problem.

After we finished, we left the restaurant. I remember feeling like I hadn't ate that much food in a long, long time. And that I probably didn't need to eat ever again! We were both in minor food comas, and we just wanted to go home and go to bed. Just a few minutes after we started driving, it happened.

"It" would be the weirdest burp/cough thing in the world, which resulted in my vomiting all over myself!

I was horrified! And covered. My hands, my lap, my purse. All covered in regurgitated peach cobbler.

I'm sure you are wondering what exactly in the world happened, so let me explain. Dane likes to make fun of me and say that I over ate to the point of throwing up, but I don't think that was  know that wasn't the case!

We've all had that moment where you burp after a meal, and a little bit comes up into your throat. Don't act like you've never done it. It is so gross, and super unpleasant when it happens! Body fluids are supposed to stay in their designated spot, darn it!

So, this was just that. Whenever I burped, I felt some of that dessert start to come up with it! In that same split second, before I could do anything to stop it, I coughed! That projected everything that was in my throat, up into my mouth! It happened so fast, that there was no time for me to try to control anything!

You can only imagine how disgusting it was. Here I am, covered in my own vomit, gagging, nothing to clean up with, and the car was filled with the smell! Puke and nutmeg. Obviously it took a while to be able to eat nutmeg again.

Dane was freaking out, and so was I. It was a very miserable 30 minute drive home. It was cold, so I wanted the heater on. Which only pushed the smell right at us (and you would think it couldn't have smelled any worse!), so Dane had the windows rolled down. We were both so miserable!

Needless to say, it did not turn out to be the romantic night I envisioned, but it does make for one heck of a story! Hopefully my misery has made you laugh, because that's the only thing that makes these kinds of stories worth it!

And, for the sake of everyone, always burp with care!

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  1. I now understand why there aren't any pictures associated with this post! I'm glad the dinner was amazing but I'm so sorry about what happened AFTER the dinner. Yikes!

  2. Oh no! I`m so sorry that happened to you! Years and years from now you`ll be laughing about it I`m sure ;)

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