Happies and Crappies Friday #10

Friday, April 12, 2013

Wow! Ten weeks of Happies and Crappies! This seems like a lot you guys (even though the link up itself is older), and I'm having so much fun with it. It's nice to know I can look back on the proof that all my weeks are more happy that crappy. Sometimes we just need that extra perspective!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


  1. I woke up to sunshine this morning, and in my opinion, there is just nothing better than a beautiful, sunny Friday! Gets my weekend started off on the right foot. 
  2. People are starting to notice that I've lost weight! It takes a little while after I start noticing before other people do too, but it's such a nice boost to hear it when they do. It gives me some extra motivation!
  3. Like I mentioned on Wednesday, I got a really great opportunity! Now, I will tell you that it is a product review, but I won't tell you what for. I'm super excited about it though, and like I said, it may or may not be coming with my very first giveaway. So keep an eye out for that, because it will be coming soon!
  4. I discovered that I pretty much rock at SuperMario Kart for the Wii! Ok, well maybe I don't completely rock, but I did get the most points out of the group (the group being me, Dane, and a friend of ours). It was a lot of fun, and it was a nice middle-of-the-week breather. It's not very often these days that we hang out with friends during the week, and I would like to change that.
  5. Pear Blossom is tomorrow! (That would be my race) I'm excited, but it starts at seven in the morning, so I have to be up early! It will be good though, and I'm hoping that I get a decent time. (And by decent, I mean I hope I beat the walkers, that's how slow I am!)


  1. My hair is needing a trim in a bad way! I have so many split ends, that it's not even funny. But, being the over spender that I am, I spent my extra money for the month already. And yes, I know we're not even quite half way through! So, I will either have to do a trade (which I probably could because my friend does my hair) or I will have to wait until next month. Hello two weeks of buns! 
  2. Before my 5k tomorrow (!) I have to go get registered today. To do this, I need a postcard that they mail to me, and I usually get it a few days before registration day. Well, last night it dawned on me that I haven't gotten it yet! I'm waiting to check my mail before I go, and I'm hoping I get it today. This is the fourth year in a row I've ran in one of this festival's races, and there hasn't ever been a problem, so hopefully it isn't too big of a pain.
  3. Right now, I still haven't worked out, or showered, or done anything I needed to this morning, and I still have to take my honey his lunch before I drive several towns over to get my race registration packet. So I probably should go, and wish you all a very happy weekend! 

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