Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday: Vacation Edition

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Well, as usual, it is way past my bedtime, and I'm still up on the computer! I'm just so excited though, because I'm planning our summer vacation!

Usually we go on a couple of camping trips with family over the summer, and that tends to be about it. Now, don't get me wrong, I love those trips! They tend to be some of my favorite summer time memories. But it's been several years since Dane and I went somewhere just the two of us, where we weren't camping and we got to stay in a hotel. Last summer we were going to go to Portland on a work trip of Dane's, but then he changed jobs so it didn't happen.

This summer I decided that I want to go down into California. I want to go to the beach, and go somewhere I've never been before. After looking around tonight and doing some research, I've decided that Santa Cruz looks like my number one choice! There is a lot to do, including a boardwalk with an amusement park, downtown shopping, and lots and lots of beach! Then there's the fact that I found the sweetest little inn about fifteen minutes away! It is so cool looking, with ocean views, and since it's not in the heart of Santa Cruz, it's within my budget!

I'm not sure if you can completely understand how excited I am! Do you think I used enough exclamation points?!!!!!

Anyway, since I have vacation on the brain, I thought I would share some vacation inspired pins with you all. Do any of you have any summer trips planned yet?

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  1. Fun stuff! We're going to Portland next month for a quick anniversary trip and I'm stoked! First trip without the little one in tow, and to one of our favorite places. Then in June we're going to Idaho to visit family. :) Next year we're planning on Cali though, probably San Francisco. :)

    1. How exciting! I love Portland, and I'm hoping to drive through there later this summer on our way to camp with my family :) I bet you guys will have a blast!

      I hope we get to stop by in San Francisco too, I've never been there but Dane loves it :)


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