Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Well, Pinterest is on the fritz. <<(insert pouty face here)

 It seems that since the look of the website has changed, so has the ease with which you could embed pins onto your blog! A lot of pins won't give you the option to embed at all, and it is turning out to be quite a pain. Luckily I was able to get a few of the ones I wanted, but I wish I could have been able to share them all!

The theme though, if you couldn't tell, are some very yummy, very healthy foods! I can't vouch for them all yet, but I will soon. The brownies are delicious, I can tell you that, and so is the green smoothie! It's the best green smoothie recipe I've found so far, and Dane and I have been having them everyday this week!

I wanted to show you a pin for the zucchini pizza I've been making, but unfortunately it was one of the ones that wouldn't let me. I've really been loving it, and I think I've been making it once a week. It's that good! I like to describe it as summer in my mouth! Since I couldn't show you the pin, here is the link. I got it over at the blog Olive Heart, and I would definitely recommend you all trying it!

The other two recipes I haven't tried yet, but I want to soon. I've been feeling so great, and I know eating healthier is really paying off for me. I don't even feel deprived! I'm not on a "diet," so I never go hungry, and I feel like I'm eating all the time. Between the cleaner food, and my working out, I've lost some weight and gotten more toned, and I'm loving it! 

So now, onto those pins, because I'm sure you would just rather see those! Have any of you tried these recipes? What are your favorite healthy go-tos? 

One more quick note! I recently had a great opportunity come my way, that I'm so excited to share with you all! It may or may not even come with a giveaway.....

So keep on the look out for it in the near future! 

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  1. OMgosh you made me want lasagna like...right now!! I also want those muffins..curious about the no-flour thing...hmm! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Excited is a total understatement about my boyfriend & I being together again. Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment. x


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