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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hey, I'm actually wearing real clothes as I write this today!

Gotta love crappy selfies in dirty mirrors! Dress (old) from Romy. Pretty much my favorite store.


Reading  I still haven't started reading Pride and Prejudice yet! I'm being a total slacker on the reading front. Meanwhile, it's due back at the library in just a couple of weeks. I'm not sure that I'm going to make it. 
Writing  I haven't done much for writing lately either. I even skipped my Happies and Crappies link up on Friday! I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a lot of time to devote to writing. And any time that I have had has gone towards playing around with graphics editing. You guys, I think I might have a problem!
Listening  To my washing machine run, and to some Vanessa Carlton on Spotify. I love her song "Carousel," from Rabbits on the Run, and I just set it as my ring tone on my new phone! (Yes, we found a loophole! We were able to get new phones for cheap, while still holding onto our renewal option on our plan! Can I get a "what, what!")
Thinking  That even though I have had a blast working these last few weeks, I'm happy to be getting a little break. I will have a chance to get caught up on some cleaning, play with my puppy some more, and go visit my grandparents! It should be a good week.
Smelling  Nothing at the moment. My house smell I guess? Which, honestly, isn't too great at the moment, ha! I should open up all my windows, because it is absolutely gorgeous outside today!
Wishing  Dinner would make itself. But it won't, so I need to go get it done. I have been planning on making burgers for days now, and it just hasn't happened, so I'm off to do that as soon as this is posted!
Hoping  To hold onto this feeling of peace and contentment that I have today. Sundays tend to be good for me, and I wish I could keep this feeling around all week long! It's something I'm definitely going to work on.
Loving  This fantastic weather we've been having. We had our fair share of rain these last few weeks, but the sun is out and it looks like it's here to stay for a while. Our forecast is showing eighty by Wednesday, and I'm so excited! I may even have to start laying out in my yard, and get my tan on.
Wanting  To eat! I'm hungry, so I need to wrap this up.
Needing  Nothing. Today is a good day, and all I need is to soak it up!
Feeling  Well, to summarize, happy, peaceful, fantastic, and hungry! I guess I should remember to save some of how I'm feeling for this last one, ha!
Clicking  On so many things. One thing I loved from earlier in the week was this post by Kristen at All in my Twenties. I loved her take on the whole SAHM struggle. I also just read this article this morning from Hello Giggles. I thought it was such an interesting topic, especially for me, because I feel like I am kind of in the middle of that whole situation right now. I'm married, but I don't have kids, so where does that put me with my friends who are in different stages of life than me? Good food for thought!

I hope you all have a great week, and of course I'm linking up with Lauren

P.S.- What do you all think of the (second) new look?

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  1. Your blog's new look is so pretty! I wish I knew more about design so I could make mine look better :P

  2. You caught the blog design bug huh? It's a nasty one, it's relentless and it never goes away! I think I've redesigned mine upward of 25 times in a I'm trying to stick with what I have since I ordered business cards to match. But I'm still designing graphics all the time. Haha.

    1. Yeah, I don't want to re-do it too often, but it is so much fun! And yes, I would think if there were business cards involved, it would be a good idea to keep it the same for a while :)

  3. That dress! I love it!!! And it seems fitting with your new blog design, too. :) I love both, actually! I think about that whole "stages of life" thing in comparison to my friends allllll the time. We should get a convo going about that. I feel weird because some of my friends don't want to marry anytime soon, others don't want babies anytime soon, and it goes on and on and I'm just like "well, who is on the same page with me?!?!" It's weird, isn't it?

    Like Ordinary Life

  4. Love those florals! So pretty! Following <3 Alex


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