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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oh yeah, check out that number, I'm a runner!

After the race, with my complimentary water bottle.

Well, yesterday was my race! I got under my goal, which was to run it in 36 minutes or less. My time was 35:19! So not too shabby for not really pushing my limits during my training. I had fun, even if it did feel like a step down from the ten mile I ran last year.
Oh, and I was also late getting to the race, in case you were wondering. 
Classic Amy! Ha!


Reading  I haven't started reading anything new since I finished Wildwood, but next on my list is Pride and Prejudice, because I don't think I've ever read it. It's one I think I tried reading a couple of times, but I just couldn't get into it. I have it from the library, and I've already renewed it once without ever even picking it up, so I need to get on it! Then, since the movie is coming out, I'm going to re-read The Great Gatsby
Writing  I got several new posts up last week that had been in draft form forever, and now I'm working on a few more! I'm really excited, because I felt like I had started to lose motivation for a while there, but it's nice to have it back. In case you're interested, and you haven't read them already, I posted about Dane's and my love story, and a funny (and embarrassing) story of one of our anniversaries!
Listening  Nothing at the moment. Usually I have some music going, but I guess I just didn't think about it today. Actually, scratch all that, I just turned on Yiruma! If you are in the mood for some beautiful, and relaxing piano music, go for him. Right now I'm listening to his album First Love, and I also threw in the song "Kiss the Rain," off his album From the Yellow Room.
Thinking  That I should put away the laundry on my couch! This load has been totally kicking my rear, but overall things have evened out a bit around here. I finally feel like I got things back together after being gone on my trip!
Smelling  My coffee of course. No surprise there! Best part of my morning usually.
Wishing  Cell phone plans weren't so expensive. We have been up for renewal for quite a while, but we never went and renewed, thinking maybe we would wait until we could upgrade to smart phones. Well, it's been decided that won't happen, for a while anyways, but our timing couldn't be worse! In an attempt to get people switched to smart phones, the phone company has requested our carrier up the prices of non-smart phones. So no good deals for us, if we want to stay with normal cell phones! And hubby's phone is on the fritz.... Blast!
Hoping  To come up with a good workout schedule to stick to, now that my 5k training is over! I have a general idea, and I want to stick with the days on/days off schedule I have already. I just don't want to fall into my usual trap of "taking a break," right after my race, and having that break turn into nine months!
Loving  That we had a fun get together with some of my mom's family last night. We see most of them on a fairly regular basis, but it's been a while since we were all together at once for something. It was one of my cousin's birthdays, and we were invited over for tacos! Mexican food is just about one of my favorites, so it was delicious! And it got me thinking, Cinco de Mayo is only a couple weeks away! That is one holiday I love celebrating, because of all the good food! Sometimes I'll go all out and make a really fancy, full dinner, and once we even had some friends over for it. This year, though, I think I want to go out, because it's been a while since I've gotten to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant.
Wanting  To start getting back into yoga again. My work schedule this week works out well with my gym's class schedule, so I should have no excuse for not going tomorrow! It's been a really long time since I've gone, and I'm ready to change that.
Needing  A shower. I've got third day dirty hair, and I look like a hot mess this morning!
Feeling  Like this weekend was a good one, and it's not even over! I love weekends like this, and I hope we do something fun today, even though we don't have any plans yet.
Clicking  On this video. You've probably seen it, and if you watch the show Nashville, you'll know exactly who they are. These little girls are so talented, and it's no wonder with such talented parents!

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  1. Congrats on your run! That's awesome! I have a few piles of laundry behind me right now on the dining room table. Ugh. I hate laundry!!!!


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